L7037, Japan Iron Kanei Tsu-ho Coin (Reverse: Bun), around AD 1700's, IRON

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L7037, Japan Iron Kanei Tsu-ho Coin (Reverse: Bun), around AD 1700's, IRON.

VF condition. This is an iron coin, not bronze coin

Minted around AD 1700's, standard one-cash size. circulated as 1 Mon Large coin (or called "1-cash coin") in the market.

Reverse: Bun (with 1 Chinese Character "Wen").

The peace in Japan following 1615 encouraged the economy in Japan to grow by leaps and bounds in the 17th century and cash was needed to help commerce. The alternate attendance system forced the domainal lords to reside every other year in the Tokugawa capital of Edo--and spend vast quantities of money there. Copper, gold and silver mines were opened up all over Japan. Kan'ei Tsuuhou coins were first minted in small quantities in 1626 in the domain of the lord of Mito but in 1636, the 13th year of the Kan'ei era, the Tokugawa government ordered that large quantities be minted, and it distributed model coins to private subcontractors in locations throughout Japan. By the 1650's 16 different locations were manufacturing these coins. Even when the Kan'ei era ended in 1643 the same legend, "Kan'ei Tsuuhou" was kept in use, and was indeed used until the 1860's. So with the same words on the front how do you tell them apart? Below is a primer on some of the basic aspects of differentiating the coins. The names before the coins are the mints of issue along with the date that that issue opened up. Most issues ran for 3-5 years from the opening date. I am just a beginner myself but hope to learn by teaching. 

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