F6040, The Four Books and Five Classics, Original Confucianism Book

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F6040, The Four Books and Five Classics, Original Confucianism Book.

Publisher: Baihuazhou Art Press. Printed in China in 2011.

Two volumes, 791 pages in all.

The Four Books and Five Classics (simplified Chinese: 四书五经; traditional Chinese: 四書五經) are the authoritative books of Confucianism in China written before 300 BC.

The Four Books (Chinese: 四书) are Chinese classic texts illustrating the core value and belief systems in Confucianism. They were selected by Zhu Xi in the Song Dynasty to serve as general introduction to Confucian thought, and they were, in the Ming and Qing dynasties, made the core of the official curriculum for the civil service examinations.They are:
(1)大学:the great learning
(2)论语:the analects of Confucius
(3)中庸:the doctrine of the mean

The Five Classics (simplified Chinese: 五经) are five ancient Chinese books used in Confucianism as the basis of studies. These books, or parts of them, were either commented on, compiled, or edited by Confucius himself. They are:
(1)易经:the book of changes
(2)诗经:the book of songs
(3)礼经:the rites
(4)书经:collection of ancient texts
(5)春秋:the spring and autumn annals

Please notice this book is edited in the simplified Chinese only!

Size: 185mm*285mm.
Weight: 1.75 Kilogram (two volumes).

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