K2060, Da-Bu Heng-Qian Spade Coin, China AD 7-23, Rare


K2060,  Da-Bu Heng-Qian Spade Coin, China AD 7-23, Rare.

Fine/Good condition, please refer the picture. Large Spade coin.

Minted during AD 7 to AD 23, China Wang Mang period. "Da-Bu Heng-Qian" means "Weight One Thousand One-cash Coins". This was the extremely high-value coins, which soon met with inflation. So it only circulated in the market for less than 20 years.


Catalogue Number: H9.29 (David Hartill), S145 (Schjoth's), FD484(Fisher Ding's).

Weight: around 13 grams.
Size: 55mm*25mm.

Interregnum between W. Han and E. Han Dynasties, Hsin Dynasty, regent/usurper Wang Mang, AD9-23, Ta-Pu Huang-Ch'ien (Great Pu Value 1000), introduced in AD14, Schjoth 146, FD484. Characters in ancient seal script, a thick heavy spade, smaller variety.

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