K6501, Qing Dynasty 5 Emperor Coins for Feng Shui (Wu-Di Qian) with strips


K6501, Qing Dynasty 5 Emperor Coins for Feng Shui (Wu-Di Qian) with strips.

Or called "Five-Di Coins", "Five Emperor Coins", "Wu-Di Qian", minted by five great emperors of China's Ch'ing Dynasty Emperors.

The coins is in VF conditon, please refer the picture. The coins is packaged with lovely strips. In this way, buyer can hang it in the door or window directly. If the buyer only want coins (do not need strips), you can find the "5 emperor coins" in my eBay store.

This item includes five different brass coins:

 (1) Shun-Zhi Tong-Bao (AD 1644-1661).

(2) Kang-Xi Tong-Bao (AD 1661-1722).

(3) Yong-Zheng Tong-Bao (AD 1723-1735).

(4) Qian-Long Tong-Bao (AD 1736-1795).

(5) Jia-Qing Tong-Bao (AD 1796-1820).

The combination of these 5 coins is regarded as great Feng Shui (Great Luck) in traditional Chinese Culture.
Please note that all of the coins of this item are real coisn with 200-300 years history. If you use counterfeit coins, there will be no luck!
Give your home or office a classic Oriental touch with this item, which can be used in numerous ways. You can hang it along with your framed pictures, you can place in on your desk as a luxurious paperweight or you can even just place in on your mantle as a unique and quirky objet d'art!

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