K6518, China 14 pcs Ancient Coins from 14 different Dynasties, BC 300 to AD 1800’s

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K6518, China 14 pcs Ancient Coins from 14 different Dynasties, BC 300 to AD 1800’s.


Fine to VF condition.


1, Yi Hua Coin (Yi Tao), China State of Yan, BC300-220.

Yi Tao coin(= One Knife), minted by China Chou Dynasty, the country name is State of Yan.

Catalogue No: H6.17(Hartill's), FD383(Fisher Ding's), S77-78(Schjoth).


2. Pan-Liang (Ban Liang) Coin, China Qin Dynasty BC 200,

Minted during BC 221 to BC 206, China Ch'in(Qin) Dynasty.

Catalogue No: 7.8(Hartill's), FD415(Fisher Ding's), S88-91(Schjoth).


3. Wu Zhu Coin (Wu-Chu), China BC 96 to AD 400, Han Dynasry.

These coins were minted more than 2000 years ago by China Han Dynasty Emperors. Used as standard coins for more than 600 years in China.

Catalogue No: H10.2 (Hartill's), FD510 (Fisher Ding's), S178 (Schjoth's).


4. Chiselled Rim Wu Zhu Coin, China Three Kingdoms Dynasty, AD 220 to 280.

The left one is the chiselled rim of the Wu-Zhu coin. The inner portion of a Wu Zhu whose outer portion has gone to make a Thread Ring.

Catalogue Number: H10.28 (David Hartil), FD582 (Fisher Ding's),  S306 (Schjoth's).


5. China Jin Dynasty Wu-Zhu Coin, ac AD 280 to 400.

Minted during war period, but in very good condition..


6. Yong-Ping Wu-Zhu Coin, China Northern Wei Dynasty, AD 510.

Minted during China's North Wei Dynasties, around AD 510. Standard 1-cash coin.


7. Wu-Zhu Coin, China Sui Dynasty, AD 581 to 620.

Minted by China Sui Dynasty during AD 581 to 620. This is the last Wu-Zhu coin in the China's history. The Wu-Zhu coins were first minted in BC 118, and last minted in around AD 620.

Catalogue No: H10.26 (Hartill's), FD650 (Fisher Ding's).


8. Kai-Yuan Tong-Bao Coin, China Tang Dynasty AD621-718.

K'ai-Yuan Tong-Bao(or called "Kai-Yuan Tong-Bao") is one of the classic coin of China. These coins were minted in China Tang Dynasty by several different emperors (AD 758 to 900) in large quantity, and alco circulated in other country like Korea, Japan, Annam for more than 1000 years. Ordinary size one cash coins.

Catalogue No: H14.1(David Hartill's), FD672(Fisher Ding's), S312(Schjoth's).


9. Zhou-Yuan Tong-Bao Coin, China Later Zhou Dynasty AD 951-960.

Minted by Emperor Shi Zong(Later Zhou Dynasty) during AD 951-960.

Catalogue Number: H15.12 (David Hartill), S414 (Schjoth's).


10. Yuan-Feng Tong-Bao Coin, China North Song AD 1068.

Minted by China North Sung Dynasty emperor--Shen Zong, during AD 1068 to 1085.

Catalogue No. H16.235 (David Hartill's), FD963 (Ding's), and S547 (Schjoth's), for running script.


11. Zheng-Long Yuan-Bao Coins, Jin Dynasty AD 1100’s.

Catalogue Number: H18.40 (David Hartill), FD1637 (Fisher Ding's), S1083 (Schjoth's).


12. Zhi-Da Tong-Bao Coin, China Yuan Dynasty AD 1310.

Minted by Emperor Wu Zong(Khaishan) during AD 1310-1311. The emperor of China Yuan Dynasty---Mongolian Dynasty.

Catalogue Number: H19.39 (David Hartill), FD1723 (Fisher Ding's), S1098 (Schjoth's).


13. Hong-Wu Tong-Bao Coin, China Ming Dynasty, AD 1368-1398.

Minted by China Ming Dynasty first Emperor "Zhu Yuanzhang" during AD 1368 to 1398. During that period, the Ming Dynasty was set up.

Catalogue Number: H20.57 (David Hartill), FD1895 (Fisher's Ding), S1137 (Schjoth's).


14. Qian-Long Tong-Bao Coins, China Qing Dynasty AD 1736 to 1795.

Ch'ien-Lung Tong-Bao(or called "Qian-Long Tong-Bao"), minted by China Ch'ing Dynasty's great emperor Ch'ien-Lung during AD 1736 to 1795.

Catalogue Number: H22.202(David Hartill's), FD2297(Fisher Ding's), S1464(Schjoth's).

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