K6505, Qing Dynasty 5 Emperor Coins for Feng Shui (Wu-Di Qian), VF Condition


K6505, Qing Dynasty 5 Emperor Coins for Feng Shui (Wu-Di Qian), VF Condition.

Or called "Five-Di Coins", "Five Emperor Coins", "Wu-Di Qian", minted by five great emperors of China's Ch'ing Dynasty Emperors.

VF condition, please refer picture.

This item includes five different brass coins:

(1) Shun-Zhi Tong-Bao (AD 1644-1661).

(2) Kang-Xi Tong-Bao (AD 1661-1722)

(3) Yong-Zheng Tong-Bao (AD 1723-1735)

(4) Qian-Long Tong-Bao (AD 1736-1795)

(5) Jia-Qing Tong-Bao (AD 1796-1820)

The combination of these 5 coins is regarded as great Feng Shui (Great Luck) in traditional Chinese Culture.
Please note that all of the coins of this item are real coins with 200-300 years history. If you use counterfeit coins, there will be no luck!
Give your home or office a classic Oriental touch with this item, which can be used in numerous ways. You can hang it along with your framed pictures, you can place in on your desk as a luxurious paperweight or you can even just place in on your mantle as a unique and quirky objet d'art! 

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